Male to Female Type ST Attenuator

Fiber Optic Attenuator

Male to Female Type ST Attenuator

OYI ST male-female attenuator plug type fixed attenuator family offers high performance of various fixed attenuation for industrial standard connections. It has a wide attenuation range, extremely low return loss, is polarization insensitive, and has excellent repeatability. With our highly integrated design and manufacturing capability, the attenuation of male-female type SC attenuator can also be customized to help our customers find better opportunities. Our attenuator complies with industry green initiatives,  such as ROHS.

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Product Features

Wide attenuation range.

Low return loss.

Low PDL.

Polarization insensitive.

Various connector types.

Highly reliable.







Operating Wavelength Range





Return Loss UPC Type



APC Type



Operating Temperature



Attenuation Tolerance



Storage Temperature




Note: Customized configurations is available upon request.


Optical fiber communication networks.

Optical CATV.

Fiber network deployments.

Fast/Gigabit Ethernet.

Other data applications requiring high transfer rates.

Packaging Information

1 pc in 1 plastic bag.

1000 pcs in 1 carton box.

Outside carton box size: 46*46*28.5 cm, Weight: 21kg.

OEM service is available for mass quantity, can print logo on cartons.

Male to Female Type ST Attenuator (2)

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Outer Carton

Outer Carton

Packaging Information
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    If you're looking for a reliable, high-speed fibre optic cable solution, look no further than OYI. Contact us now to see how we can help you stay connected and take your business to the next level.