Self-supporting Figure 8 Fiber Optic Cable


Self-supporting Figure 8 Fiber Optic Cable

The 250um fibers are positioned in a loose tube made of high modulus plastic. The tubes are filled with a water-resistant filling compound. A steel wire is located in the center of the core as a metallic strength member. The tubes (and fibers) are stranded around the strength member into a compact and circular cable core. After an Aluminum (or steel tape) Polyethylene Laminate (APL) moisture barrier is applied around the cable core, this part of the cable, accompanied by the stranded wires as the supporting part, is completed with a polyethylene (PE) sheath to form a figure 8 structure. Figure 8 cables, GYTC8A and GYTC8S, are also available upon request. This type of cable is specifically designed for self-supporting aerial installation.

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Product Features

Self-supporting stranded steel wire (7*1.0mm) structure of figure 8 is easy to support overhead laying to reduce cost.

Good mechanical and temperature performance.

High tensile strength. Loose tube stranded with a special tube filling compound to ensure critical protection of fiber.

Selected high-quality optical fiber ensures that the optical fiber cable has excellent transmission properties. The unique fiber excess length control method provides the cable with excellent mechanical and environmental properties.

Very strict material and manufacturing control guarantees that the cable can work stably for more than 30 years.

The total cross-section water-resistant structure makes the cable have excellent moisture resistance properties.

The special jelly filled in the loose tube provides the fibers with critical protection.

The steel tape strength optical fiber cable has crush resistance.

The figure-8 self-supporting structure has high tension strength and facilitates aerial installation, resulting in low installation costs.

The loose tube stranding cable core ensures that the cable structure is stable.

The special tube filling compound ensures critical protection of the fiber and resistance to water.

The outer sheath protects the cable from ultraviolet radiation.

The small diameter and light weight make it easy to lay.

Optical Characteristics

Fiber Type Attenuation 1310nm MFD

(Mode Field Diameter)

Cable Cut-off Wavelength λcc(nm)
@1310nm(dB/KM) @1550nm(dB/KM)
G652D ≤0.36 ≤0.22 9.2±0.4 ≤1260
G655 ≤0.4 ≤0.23 (8.0-11)±0.7 ≤1450
50/125 ≤3.5 @850nm ≤1.5 @1300nm / /
62.5/125 ≤3.5 @850nm ≤1.5 @1300nm / /

Technical Parameters

Fiber Count Cable Diameter
(mm) ±0.5
Messenger Diametor
(mm) ±0.3
Cable Height
(mm)  ±0.5
Cable Weight
Tensile Strength (N) Crush Resistance (N/100mm) Bending Radius (mm)
Long Term Short Term Long Term Short Term Static Dynamic
2-30 9.5 5.0 16.5 155 3000 6000 1000 3000 10D 20D
32-36 9.8 5.0 16.8 170 3000 6000 1000 3000 10D 20D
38-60 10.0 5.0 17.0 180 3000 6000 1000 3000 10D 20D
62-72 10.5 5.0 17.5 198 3000 6000 1000 3000 10D 20D
74-96 12.5 5.0 19.5 265 3000 6000 1000 3000 10D 20D
98-120 14.5 5.0 21.5 320 3000 6000 1000 3000 10D 20D
122-144 16.5 5.0 23.5 385 3500 7000 1000 3000 10D 20D


Long distance communication and LAN.

Laying Method

Self-supporting aerial.

Operating Temperature

Temperature Range
Transportation Installation Operation
   -40℃~+70℃    -10℃~+50℃    -40℃~+70℃


YD/T 1155-2001, IEC 60794-1


OYI cables are coiled on bakelite, wooden, or ironwood drums. During transportation, the right tools should be used to avoid damaging the package and to handle them with ease. Cables should be protected from moisture, kept away from high temperatures and fire sparks, protected from over-bending and crushing, and protected from mechanical stress and damage. It is not allowed to have two lengths of cable in one drum, and both ends should be sealed. The two ends should be packed inside the drum, and a reserve length of cable not less than 3 meters should be provided.

Loose Tube Non-metallic Heavy Type Rodent Protected

The color of cable markings is white. The printing shall be carried out at intervals of 1 meter on the outer sheath of the cable. The legend for the outer sheath marking can be changed according to the user's requests.

Test report and certification provided.

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      The OYI-FOSC-09H Horizontal fiber optic splice closure has two connection ways: direct connection and splitting connection. They are applicable to situations such as overhead, manhole of pipeline, and embedded situations, etc. Comparing with a terminal box, the closure requires much stricter requirements for sealing. Optical splice closures are used to distribute, splice, and store the outdoor optical cables that enter and exit from the ends of the closure.

      The closure has 3 entrance ports and 3 output ports. The shell of the product is made from PC+PP material. These closures provide excellent protection for fiber optic joints from outdoor environments such as UV, water, and weather, with leak-proof sealing and IP68 protection.

    • OYI-ODF-SR-Series Type

      OYI-ODF-SR-Series Type

      The OYI-ODF-SR-Series type optical fiber cable terminal panel is used for cable terminal connection and can also be used as a distribution box. It has a 19″ standard structure and is rack-mounted with a drawer structure design. It allows for flexible pulling and is convenient to operate. It is suitable for SC, LC, ST, FC, E2000 adapters, and more.

      The rack mounted optical cable terminal box is a device that terminates between the optical cables and the optical communication equipment. It has the functions of splicing, termination, storing, and patching of optical cables. The SR-series sliding rail enclosure allows for easy access to fiber management and splicing. It is a versatile solution available in multiple sizes (1U/2U/3U/4U) and styles for building backbones, data centers, and enterprise applications.

    • OYI F Type Fast Connector

      OYI F Type Fast Connector

      Our fiber optic fast connector, the OYI F type, is designed for FTTH (Fiber To The Home), FTTX (Fiber To The X). It is a new generation of fiber connector used in assembly that provides open flow and precast types, meeting the optical and mechanical specifications of standard optical fiber connectors. It is designed for high quality and high efficiency during installation.

    • OYI-FOSC-H20


      The OYI-FOSC-H20 dome fiber optic splice closure is used in aerial, wall-mounting, and underground applications for the straight-through and branching splice of the fiber cable. Dome splicing closures are excellent protection of fiber optic joints from outdoor environments such as UV, water, and weather, with leak-proof sealing and IP68 protection.

    • Dead end Guy Grip

      Dead end Guy Grip

      Dead-end preformed is widely used for the installation of bare conductors or overhead insulated conductors for transmission and distribution lines. The reliability and economic performance of the product are better than the bolt type and hydraulic type tension clamp that are widely used in the current circuit. This unique, one-piece dead-end is neat in appearance and free from bolts or high-stress holding devices. It can be made of galvanized steel or aluminum clad steel.

    • OYI-FAT12A Terminal Box

      OYI-FAT12A Terminal Box

      The 12-core OYI-FAT12A optical terminal box performs in accordance with the industry-standard requirements of YD/T2150-2010. It is mainly used in the FTTX access system terminal link. The box is made of high-strength PC, ABS plastic alloy injection molding, which provides good sealing and aging resistance. In addition, it can be hung on the wall outdoors or indoors for installation and use.

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