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FTTH Suspension Tension Clamp Drop Wire Clamp

FTTH suspension tension clamp fiber optic drop cable wire clamp is a type of wire clamp that is widely used to support telephone drop wires at span clamps, drive hooks, and various drop attachments. It consists of a shell, a shim, and a wedge equipped with a bail wire. It has various advantages, such as good corrosion resistance, durability, and good value. Additionally, it is easy to install and operate without any tools, which can save workers’ time. We offer a variety of styles and specifications, so you can choose according to your needs.

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Re-entered and reused.

Easy cable slack adjustment to apply proper tension.

No special tools required for installation.

Made of carbon steel materials, guaranteeing long-lasting usage.


Fixing drop wire on various house attachments.

Preventing electrical surges from reaching the customers' premises.

Supporting various cables and wires.

Packaging Information

Quantity: 400pcs/Outer box.

Carton Size: 40*30*30cm.

N.Weight: 15.6kg/Outer Carton.

G.Weight: 16kg/Outer Carton.

OEM service available for mass quantity, can print logo on cartons.


Inner Packaging

Outer Carton

Outer Carton

Packaging Information
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      The OYI-FAT12B optical terminal box has an inner design with a single-layer structure, divided into the distribution line area, outdoor cable insertion, fiber splicing tray, and FTTH drop optical cable storage. The fiber optic lines are very clear, making it convenient to operate and maintain. There are 2 cable holes under the box that can accommodate 2 outdoor optical cables for direct or different junctions, and it can also accommodate 12 FTTH drop optical cables for end connections. The fiber splicing tray uses a flip form and can be configured with a capacity of 12 cores to accommodate the expansion of the box’s usage.

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      FTTX drop cable anchor clamps have passed tensile tests and have been tested in temperatures ranging from -40 to 60 degrees Celsius. They have also undergone temperature cycling tests, aging tests, and corrosion-resistant tests.

    If you're looking for a reliable, high-speed fibre optic cable solution, look no further than OYI. Contact us now to see how we can help you stay connected and take your business to the next level.