Galvanized Brackets CT8, Drop Wire Cross-arm Bracket

Hardware Products Pole Mounting Bracket

Galvanized Brackets CT8, Drop Wire Cross-arm Bracket

It is made from carbon steel with hot-dipped zinc surface processing, which can last a very long time without rusting for outdoor purposes. It is widely used with SS bands and SS buckles on poles to hold accessories for telecom installations. The CT8 bracket is a type of pole hardware used to fix distribution or drop lines on wooden, metal, or concrete poles. The material is carbon steel with a hot-dip zinc surface. The normal thickness is 4mm, but we can provide other thicknesses upon request. The CT8 bracket is an excellent choice for overhead telecommunication lines as it allows for multiple drop wire clamps and dead-ending in all directions. When you need to connect many drop accessories on one pole, this bracket can meet your requirements. The special design with multiple holes allows you to install all accessories in one bracket. We can attach this bracket to the pole using two stainless steel bands and buckles or bolts.

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Product Features

Suitable for wooden or concrete poles.

With superior mechanical strength.

Made of hot galvanized steel material, ensuring long-term usage.

Can be installed using both stainless steel straps and pole bolts.

Corrosion resistant, with good environmental stability.


Power accessories.

Fiber optic cable accessory.


Item No. Length (cm) Weight (kg) Material
OYI-CT8 32.5 0.78 Hot Galvanized Steel
OYI-CT24 54.2 1.8 Hot Galvanized Steel
Other length can be made as your request.

Packaging Information

Quantity: 25pcs/Outer box.

Carton Size: 32*27*20cm.

N.Weight: 19.5kg/Outer Carton.

G.Weight: 20.5kg/Outer Carton.

OEM service available for mass quantity, can print logo on cartons.

Inner Packaging

Inner Packaging

Outer Carton

Outer Carton

Packaging Information
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