Micro Fiber Indoor Cable GJYPFV(GJYPFH)


Micro Fiber Indoor Cable GJYPFV(GJYPFH)

The structure of indoor optical FTTH cable is as follows: in the center is the optical communication unit.Two parallel Fiber Reinforced (FRP/Steel wire) are placed on the two sides. Then, the cable is completed with a black or colored  Lsoh Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH/PVC) sheath.

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Product Features

Highly integrated colored bare fiber design.

Two parallel FRP or parallel metallic strength members ensure good performance of crush resistance to protect the fiber.

Excellent performance of anti-torsion.

The outer jacket material has many advantages, such as being anti-corrosive, waterproof, anti-ultraviolet, flame-retardant, and harmless to the environment, among others.

All dielectric structures protect cables from electromagnetic interference.

Scientific design with strict processing.

Optical Characteristics

Fiber Type Attenuation 1310nm MFD

(Mode Field Diameter)

Cable Cut-off Wavelength λcc(nm)
@1310nm(dB/KM) @1550nm(dB/KM)
G652D ≤0.36 ≤0.22 9.2±0.4 ≤1260
G655 ≤0.4 ≤0.23 (8.0-11)±0.7 ≤1450
50/125 ≤3.5 @850nm ≤1.5 @1300nm / /
62.5/125 ≤3.5 @850nm ≤1.5 @1300nm / /

Technical Parameters

Cable Diameter
Cable Weight
Tensile Strength (N) Crush Resistance (N/100mm) Bending Radius (mm) Jacket Material
Long Term Short Term Long Term Short Term Dynamic Static
2 1.5 2.1 40 8 100 200 20 10 PVC/LSZH
1-12 3.0 6.0 100 200 200 400 20 10 PVC/LSZH
16-24 3.5 8.0 150 300 200 400 20 10 PVC/LSZH


Optical fiber jumper or MPO patchcord.

Interconnect between instruments and communication equipment

For indoor cable distribution purposes.

Operating Temperature

Temperature Range
Transportation Installation Operation
   -20℃~+60℃    -5℃~+50℃    -20℃~+60℃


YD/T 1258.2-2005, IEC-596, GR-409, IEC60794-2-20/21

Packing And Mark

OYI cables are coiled on bakelite, wooden, or ironwood drums. During transportation, the right tools should be used to avoid damaging the package and to handle them with ease. Cables should be protected from moisture, kept away from high temperatures and fire sparks, protected from over-bending and crushing, and protected from mechanical stress and damage. It is not allowed to have two lengths of cable in one drum, and both ends should be sealed. The two ends should be packed inside the drum, and a reserve length of cable not less than 3 meters should be provided.

Micro Fiber Indoor Cable GJYPFV

The color of cable markings is white. The printing shall be carried out at intervals of 1 meter on the outer sheath of the cable. The legend for the outer sheath marking can be changed according to the user's requests.

Test report and certification provided.

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      The OYI-FOSC-H20 dome fiber optic splice closure is used in aerial, wall-mounting, and underground applications for the straight-through and branching splice of the fiber cable. Dome splicing closures are excellent protection of fiber optic joints from outdoor environments such as UV, water, and weather, with leak-proof sealing and IP68 protection.

    • All Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable

      All Dielectric Self-Supporting Cable

      The structure of ADSS (single-sheath stranded type) is to place 250um optical fiber into a loose tube made of PBT, which is then filled with waterproof compound. The center of the cable core is a non-metallic central reinforcement made of fiber-reinforced composite (FRP). The loose tubes (and filler rope) are twisted around the central reinforcing core. The seam barrier in the relay core is filled with water-blocking filler, and a layer of waterproof tape is extruded outside the cable core. Rayon yarn is then used, followed by extruded polyethylene (PE) sheath into the cable. It is covered with a thin polyethylene (PE) inner sheath. After a stranded layer of aramid yarns is applied over the inner sheath as a strength member, the cable is completed with a PE or AT (anti-tracking) outer sheath.

    • Stainless Steel Banding Strapping Tools

      Stainless Steel Banding Strapping Tools

      The giant banding tool is useful and of high quality, with its special design for strapping giant steel bands. The cutting knife is made with a special steel alloy and undergoes heat treatment, which makes it last longer. It is used in marine and petrol systems, such as hose assemblies, cable bundling, and general fastening. It can be used with the series of stainless steel bands and buckles.

    • J Clamp J-Hook Big Type Suspension Clamp

      J Clamp J-Hook Big Type Suspension Clamp

      OYI anchoring suspension clamp J hook is durable and of good quality, making it a worthwhile choice. It plays an important role in many industrial settings. The main material of the OYI anchoring suspension clamp is carbon steel, with an electro galvanized surface that prevents rust and ensures a long lifespan for pole accessories. The J hook suspension clamp can be used with the OYI series stainless steel bands and buckles to fix cables onto poles, playing different roles in different places. Different cable sizes are available.

      The OYI anchoring suspension clamp can also be used to link signs and cable installations on posts. It is electro galvanized and can be used outdoors for over 10 years without rusting. It has no sharp edges, with rounded corners, and all items are clean, rust free, smooth, and uniform throughout, free from burrs. It plays a huge role in industrial production.

    • OYI A Type Fast Connector

      OYI A Type Fast Connector

      Our fiber optic fast connector, the OYI A type, is designed for FTTH (Fiber To The Home), FTTX (Fiber To The X). It is a new generation of fiber connector used in assembly and can provide open flow and precast types, with optical and mechanical specifications that meet the standard for optical fiber connectors. It is designed for high quality and high efficiency during installation, and the structure of the crimping position is a unique design.

    • Indoor Bow-type drop cable

      Indoor Bow-type drop cable

      The structure of indoor optical FTTH cable is as follows: in the center is the optical communication unit.Two parallel Fiber Reinforced (FRP/Steel wire) are placed on the two sides. Then, the cable is completed with a black or colored  Lsoh Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)/PVC sheath.

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