OYI F Type Fast Connector

Optic Fiber Fast Connector

OYI F Type Fast Connector

Our fiber optic fast connector, the OYI F type, is designed for FTTH (Fiber To The Home), FTTX (Fiber To The X). It is a new generation of fiber connector used in assembly that provides open flow and precast types, meeting the optical and mechanical specifications of standard optical fiber connectors. It is designed for high quality and high efficiency during installation.

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Mechanical connectors make fiber terminations quick, easy, and reliable. These fiber optic connectors offer terminations without any hassle and require no epoxy, no polishing, no splicing, and no heating, achieving similar excellent transmission parameters as standard polishing and splicing technology. Our connector can greatly reduce the assembly and setup time. The pre-polished connectors are mainly applied to FTTH cables in FTTH projects, directly at the end-user site.

Product Features

Easy and fast installation: takes 30 seconds to learn how to install and 90 seconds to operate in the field.

No need for polishing or adhesive the ceramic ferrule with embedded fiber stub is pre-polished.

Fiber is aligned in a v-groove through the ceramic ferrule.

Low-volatile, reliable matching liquid is preserved by the side cover.

A unique bell-shaped boot maintains the mini fiber bend radius.

Precision mechanical alignment ensures low insertion loss.

Pre-installed, on-site assembly without end face grinding or consideration.

Technical Specifications

Items OYI F Type
Ferrule Concentricity <1.0
Item Size 57mm*8.9mm*7.3mm
Applicable For Drop cable. Indoor cable - diameter 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm
Fiber Mode Single mode or Multi mode
Operation Time About 50s (no fiber cut)
Insertion Loss ≤0.3dB
Return Loss ≤-50dB for UPC, ≤-55dB for APC
Fastening Strength Of Bare Fiber ≥5N
Tensile Strength ≥50N
Reusable ≥10 times
Operating Temperature -40~+85℃
Normal Life 30 years


FTTx solution and outdoor fiber terminal end.

Fiber optic distribution frame, patch panel, ONU.

In the box, cabinet, such as wiring into the box.

Maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber network.

The construction of the fiber end user access and maintenance.

Optical fiber access for mobile base stations.

Applicable to connection with field mountable indoor cable, pigtail, patch cord transformation of patch cord in.

Packaging Information

Quantity: 100pcs/Inner Box, 2000pcs/Outer Carton.

Carton Size: 46*32*26cm.

N.Weight: 9.75kg/Outer Carton.

G.Weight: 10.75kg/Outer Carton.

OEM service available for mass quantity, can print logo on cartons.

Inner Box

Inner Packaging

Packaging Information
Outer Carton

Outer Carton

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